• The energy drink Peter gets addicted to is Red Bull.
  • Peter goes on the game show The Price is Right. While there, he gives a shout out to to Lois, Brian, Chris, Stewie, Meg, Joe, Bonnie, Quagmire, Cleveland, Mort, Seamus, Mayor Adam West, Dr. Hartman, Bruce, Carter, Babs, Tom Tucker, Angela, Opie, Carl, Herbert, Jillian, Consuela, Ernie the Giant Chicken and the Greased-up Deaf Guy. For the Greased-up Deaf Guy, this is his first acknowledgment since Brian and Stewie rode through the American Southwest in "Bango Was His Name Oh", at the very end of season four. Although Donna Tubbs mentioned him in the "Gone with the Wind" episode of The Cleveland Show, but she erroneously referred to him as the "greased-up deaf man".
  • The musical number "Honestly Sincere" is from the play and film Bye Bye Birdie. The story was inspired by the phenomenon of popular singer Elvis Presley and his being drafted into the United States Army in 1957. The story is of teen idol Conrad Birdie whom President Obama is dressed as. Conrad Birdie's name is a word play on another pop singer of the era, Conway Twitty. Obama is seen playing a right-handed guitar, when in actuality, he is left-handed.
  • In this episode, the possible origin of Ernie the Giant Chicken is revealed.
  • The actual Charles in Charge opening theme sequence is seen in The Drunken Clam.
  • According to this episode, Meg thinks that people choose to be gay. This follows what Sarah said in "Brian Sings and Swings".
  • Brian mentioning that Peter gave him a home, and that if it wasn't for him Brian would died under a bridge is a callback to "Brian: Portrait of a Dog", in which it is told that Peter met Brian as a a stray dog, and decided to take him home.
  • Stewie might hint loving the Griffins in this episode as he says "But I don't want to lose anyone!"
  • Critics name Charlotte Brontë's personal distaste for her sister Anne's second novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the main reason for Anne Brontë becoming an eclipsed sibling. After Anne's death Charlotte prevented the republication of the novel and criticized the choice of its subject.

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