• This episode reveals the names of Bruce the performance artist and Ernie the Giant Chicken, two previously unnamed characters.
  • Stewie says he'd be a better monarch than King Friday, a character in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • The Wilhelm Scream is employed in this episode. When Peter and the Giant Chicken crash into an airplane, the pilot lets out this scream.
  • The unnamed restaurant where Ernie takes Peter has been used previously, notably in "Sibling Rivalry" by Peter and Lois. But Peter says he has never been there before.
  • At the ballet. Quagmire refers to “this broad I’m trying to nail,” in the censored version. Uncensored, the line was "this broad I'm trying to screw."
  • Peter text-messages Chris after he complains about not having time to study the night before. He reads it, laughs, then says, "Yeah, right in her ass!" This scene appears in the uncensored version.
  • In the censored version, Chris' textbook is from 1948 and contains topics such as Big Band music and a chapter called "Israel: The Hip New Country Everyone's Gonna Love". In the uncensored version, the book is from 1896 and features topics such as Utah's statehood and a chapter called "Negroes: America's Dancin'est Rapefolk." It also has an extra scene where Lois comments on how awful the title is, stating that Americans don't refer to black people as Negroes anymore.
  • The part where Chris calls Lois about his miserable time at boarding school, the uncensored version includes a part where Chris says that he hasn't felt this down since he fired Rocky Balboa from the meat factory, followed by a cutaway of Chris telling Rocky that he can't punch the meat. Rocky then points out that his trainer, Paulie, is having sex with the meat, followed by a pan to Paulie naked in bed with a pig carcass.
  • Meg accompanies her family to see Swan Lake at the Quahog Opera House, and Stewie explains the binging that the ballerinas do to stay thin, and how that may be an option for her. Her voice actress, Mila Kunis would later star in Black Swan as Lily, a ballerina pursuing the lead role in Swan Lake.
  • Steve Fonti won an Annie Award for storyboarding in this episode. [1]

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