• The episode title is based on the "No Child Left Behind Act", a federal law of education reform.
  • The snake in the plane during the Chicken Fight could be a parody ofRaiders of the Lost Ark or the film Snakes on a Plane.
  • The show that the Griffins are watching at the beginning of the episode is How I Met Your Father, a parody of both How I Met Your Mother and its co-star Neil Patrick Harris having then recently come out of the closet. Josh Radnor and Harris reprise their roles as Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson respectively.
  • The scene where the students at Morningwood Academy beat Chris with socks full of money is similar to a scene from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • The scene where Peter and Ernie go out to dinner and then get into another fight is a homage to The Quiet Man where John Wayne and Barry Fitzgerald's character call a truce to their fight to share a drink, only to start fighting again when they both tried to pay the check.
  • During Peter and Ernie's fight, the part where the subway hops the track and end up on the street is similar to a scene in the film Speed, where the protagonists try to stop a runaway subway by guiding it down an unfinished track and, eventually, up onto the street.
  • The name of Morningwood Academy is a play on the phrase "morning wood."

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