• During the America's Got Talent audition, Peter plays the Sanford and Son theme on the harmonica.
  • At the time of the episode's original broadcast date, Sharon Osbourne had left America's Got Talent and was replaced by Heidi Klum and Mel B. Additionally, Howie Mandel has dialogue recorded for the episode, and appears on the uncensored version, but doesn't appear in the broadcast version.
  • Meg likes to sleep while listening to music.
  • Stewie hunts for the remote while intending to watch tornado coverage on The Weather Channel. A major tornado would strike Moore, Oklahoma the day following the broadcast premier on May 20, 2013.[1] Adult Swim decided to hold both the episode and "Roads to Vegas" for later broadcast, following an apology for "Farmer Guy" which also had a tornado during the ongoing coverage.
  • Carter's song "Carmen Miranda" refers to the dancer of the same name. Carter imitates her by putting fruit on his head.
  • The scene where Peter talks to the painting of his ancestor is briefly visible in the 2014 film Birdman.

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