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  • At the beginning of the episode, an enraged Tyra Banks produces a giant iguana out of her mouth, which devours a displeased America’s Next Top Model contestant. This is a reference to Tyra’s aggressive behavior toward a misbehaving contestant.[1]
  • Peter’s statue at Big Pete’s House of Munch is a parody of the Big Boy statue.
  • The “Crippletron” assembled by Joe and his fellow paraplegics is a parody of transforming robots such as Voltron and the Transformers.
  • The scene shown before the formation of the “Crippletron” is similar to that of a scene in Dawn of the Dead, where the protagonists of the film observe the undead converging upon the mall.
  • The way Peter exclaims “Kneel before Christ!” is similar to a scene from Superman II, in which General Zod tells Superman to kneel down in a similar manner.
  • The TV commercial for Big Pete’s House of Munch parodies a scene from the film The Sixth Sense, but instead of dead people, Peters sees "good food at competitive prices".

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