• The episode is an homage to the film North by Northwest, directed by British director Alfred Hitchcock. The title, several scenes such as Peter being chased by a crop dusting plane in a field and the final chase sequence across the faces of Mount Rushmore, certain sets Mel Gibson’s cliff side house in this episode is an exact facsimile of North by Northwest’s Phillip Vandamm’s (James Mason) cliff side house, and even direct quotations “We’re on top of the monument!” is found both in the film and in this episode, both in the exact same context are taken from the film. More so, the show also utilizes the actual Bernard Herrmann-composed theme music from the film on several occasions. The closing credits theme is done in the Bernard Herrmann style.
  • On finding a hotel to spend the night while their car gets fixed, Peter and Lois encounter a hooker, much to Lois’ concern. Peter reassures her by saying “Keep absolutely still, Lois; their vision is based on movement,” a reference to Jurassic Park in which the main protagonist has a similar line when they encounter a Tyrannosaurus, as well as a reference to the general concept of avoiding movement-based-visioned predators by remaining still.
  • Lois’ remark about Mel Gibson’s Nazi paraphernalia is a reference to the controversy over his father’s anti-Semitic views and the alleged anti-Semitic tone of The Passion of the Christ. Mel Gibson was later involved in a scandal where he let loose a string of anti-Semitic remarks after being pulled over for drunk driving by two officers.
  • The scene where Peter drives through the mall pursued by Mel Gibson’s goons is similar to a scene in The Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood Blues were being pursued by the police and took a reckless route through a mall in an attempt to lose them. The parody even uses the music “I Can’t Turn You Loose” from the original scene.

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