Peter in Nostalgia Critic

Nostalgia Critic is a YouTube series created by Doug Walker, featuring The Nostalgia Critic, doing reviews on bad movies from both recent past and a long time ago.

Chester A. Bum did a video where he accused Family Guy for ripping off one of his jokes. He showed a clip from one of his videos, where he mimicked Mr. Spock, saying "Live long and suck it!" and then showed a clip from "Extra Large Medium", where Mr. Spock made the exact same joke. [1]

In the review for The Thief and the Cobbler, Critic mocks the movie introducing a golden scratcher by showing a clip from "No Chris Left Behind", when Peter went around a baseball game, selling butt-scratchers. [2]

In the review for Oz the Great and Powerful, he addresses Mila Kunis as "Meg from That 70's show", confusing both her roles of Meg's voice actor in Family Guy and Jackie's actress in That 70's Show. [3]

In the review for The Smurfs, they did multiple consecutive flashbacks, which continued on and on, until Peter then suddenly appeared and tried to start one of the show's cutaway gags, before Nostalgia Critic punched him out, shouting "Enough with the cutaways!" [4]