• The title is reference to the Ocean's series of films, Ocean's 11, 12, and 13
  • The scene of the audio recording of Christian Bale yelling at Peter that was shown in the episode's first airing is in reference to the viral recording on YouTube of Christian Bale yelling at director of photography Shane Hurlbut while filming on the set of Terminator Salvation. The recording was taken in February 2009 after Hurlbut supposedly walked into the eyeline of Bale during filming of the most emotional scene of the film and is also laden with profanities.[1]
  • Stewie references Hannity and Colmes, a political debate television show that used to air on the FOX News Channel until January 9th, 2009. The scene refers to how Sean Hannity often demeaned Alan Colmes on the show and also to Colmes' more passive personality and candor. In the scene, the popular MGM cartoon character Droopy fills in for Colmes.
  • Brian's reference to "Beethoven near the end" is about composer Ludwig van Beethoven's deteriorating hearing over the course of his life and how he was completely deaf at the end of his life.

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