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One Boy
Family Guy - Live In Las Vegas
From the episode: Family Guy: Live in Vegas
Singers: Herbert
Voices: Mike Henry

"One Boy" is a song originally from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. On track 13 of Family Guy: Live in Vegas, it was performed by Herbert.


Herbert: ♪One boy, one special boy♪

♪One boy to go with, to talk with, and walk with♪
♪One boy, that's the way it should be♪
That's the way it should be.

♪One boy, one certain boy♪
♪One boy to laugh with, to joke with, have coke with♪
♪One boy, not two or three♪

♪One day, you'll find out♪
♪This is what life is all about♪
♪You'll need someone who♪
♪Is living just for you.♪

♪One boy, one steady boy.♪
♪One boy to be with forever and ever.♪
♪One boy, that's the way it should be.♪


Lois: My, what a charming old man. Well, we've got time for one more number. And this one's about a place that's very near and dear to all our hearts. Walter, if you please.

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