• In the car on the way to Washington, Stewie is seen reading a book, the cover of which says "East of Eden". There is nothing else on the cover. Immediately afterwards, Brian comments on the giant Oprah sticker on the front of the book, which Stewie then attempts to peel off.
  • When Lois spills the chips on the floor the man with the air horn is clearly African American but when she swears you can see a white hand blow the air horn.
  • One of the notes on the refrigerator disappears when the agent blows the air horn.
  • When Lois spills the chips she then asks Brian if he would clean them up which he does, while Lois is apologizing we can see that he is walking on all fours but when the camera cuts to him, his legs are bent as though he is crawling.
  • In the cutaway showing the "invention" of the Reese's peanut butter cup, Officer Reeses arrives at the scene of a car crash and moves to take driver #2's jar of peanut butter with chocolate in it, but then holds up and takes a bite from driver #1's peanut butter-covered chocolate bar.