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Gay pride
  • Brian's cousin, Jasper, and Jasper's boyfriend, Ricardo, appear for a couple of frames while Stewie rides through a gay pride parade.
  • Shows shown on “PTV”:
    • All in the Family: Archie and Edith get the Jeffersons to move by burning a cross on their lawn while dressed like members of the KKK. The episode that inspired this gag was "Archie and the KKK," where Archie tries to prevent the Klu Klux Klan from burning a cross burning at son-in-law Mike's home.
    • The Waltons: The signature scene of the Waltons where they say their “good nights,” edited where John Boy doesn’t respond, and replies; “Damn it, can’t a guy masturbate in this house?”
    • Midnight Q: Quagmire’s midnight talk/sex show, which he hosts nude. The reference is a culmination of two former adult themed local late night New York cable access shows: Midnight Blue and Interludes After Midnight. The latter was an all-nude talk show where the host wore a big gold medallion around his neck like Quagmire.
    • The Side-Boob Hour: Peter’s own show where he presents the “side boobs” from Baywatch and Dynasty, followed by his own.
    • Cheeky Bastard: A sitcom staring Stewie and Brian as bickering roommates, in a style akin to The Odd Couple. To fulfill the claim that the show is "recorded in front of a live audience", Stewie records his own over-enthusiastic laughing and clapping and plays it during his character's punch lines.
    • Dogs Humping: A Discovery Channel-type show that shows animals having sex. According to Peter it is the highest-rating show on PTV’s Wednesday night line-up.
    • Douchebags: A Jackass copycat. The only aired episode shows the segment “I Dare You to Crap Off of That,” which stars Peter defecating off a bridge after being dared to by Cleveland. His feces hits Lois’s car, causing her to have a bad accident and traumatizing Stewie. This scene was cut from the TV showings and only shown on the DVD release.
    • Three's Company: Chrissy appears with her bikini top censored, despite the fact that she was not exposing anything.
    • The Honeymooners: The quote "One of these days, Alice.. Wham! Zoom! Straight to the moon!” is dubbed over, making it “One of these days, (new voice) I’m going to stimulate the economy by buying an American car."
  • The head of the FCC is Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe.
  • Apache Chief from the Super Friends helps Peter with his satellite dish.
  • Osama bin Laden appears in the show for the first time since the now-excised “show tunes” scene in "Road to Rhode Island".
  • The tune for the FCC song is taken from "Volunteer Fire Picnic"[1], a song from the 1959 Broadway Musical Take Me Along which featured Jackie Gleason.
  • When Peter is told to start his own TV station by Tom Tucker, he mentions that he hasn’t had a business since a mail-order operation. Wile E. Coyote is seen waiting to return a large Acme slingshot.
  • In a flashback, Chris imitates Jackie Mason, a former rabbi who is now a stand-up comedian.
  • When Peter fails to be able to successfully watch the Emmys at Meg’s play, he mentions that it’s worse than his 16th birthday, followed by a sequence where Peter is raped by Jake Ryan, the main love interest in the film Sixteen Candles.
  • Near the end of the FCC musical number, a montage of explicit scenes is shown. Many of them are scenes from previous episodes of Family Guy.
  • Explicit scenes from the FCC song:
    • Peter doing a seductive dance for Lois in "Emission Impossible".
    • The Pawtucket Beer commercial with the lesbians from "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar")
    • Peter covering himself while watching Dr Amanda Rebecca's tapes from "Road to Rhode Island".
    • Peter trying to seduce Luke Perry from "The Story on Page One".
    • Peter removing Cleveland's clothes and his own to calm him down from "Brian the Bachelor".
    • Peter walking into the Quahog MiniMart naked from "Fifteen Minutes of Shame".
    • Stewie, dressed in leather bondage gear, spanks Brian who is tied up and ballgagged.
    • Peter, in a skimpy pink bikini, flashing his boobs on Howard Stern’s radio show.
    • Peter, with his pants down, farts while Stewie lights it what appears to be a disposable lighter. He and Brian watch while wearing welder's visors.
    • Peter, naked, on a date with a blow-up doll that looks similar to the one Quagmire danced with on “Peterotica” during his “Make ’Em Laugh” musical number.
    • Justin Timberlake removes Peter’s nipple covering in a parody of the Janet Jackson incident.
    • Peter sucks on a popsicle, simulating oral sex.
    • Peter, Brian and Stewie, in nightgowns, having a pillowfight.
    • Brian, wearing a miner’s cap, puts on rubber gloves, presumably about to give Peter a cavity search.
    • Peter chokes Lois with a watermelon slice from “Emission Impossible”.
    • Amanda Rebecca, the woman from the marriage counseling videos, rips off her blouse in “Road to Rhode Island”.
    • Peter hurriedly covers up his genitals with a pillow as a door is opened from “Road to Rhode Island”.
    • Stewie admires himself wearing lipstick in “Emission Impossible”.
    • Dave Campbell, naked, bends over to feel the lawn in “From Method to Madness”.
    • Stewie humps a Miss Piggy doll in “Brian Does Hollywood”.
    • Peter, naked, makes pelvic thrusts at Meg in “From Method to Madness”.
    • Stewie gives a public speech and realizes he is naked from “He's Too Sexy for His Fat”.
    • Peter licking his boob in “He's Too Sexy for His Fat”.
    • Quagmire gets his penis slammed in a window in “Lethal Weapons”.
    • Lois in a leather S&M outfit from “Let's Go to the Hop”.
    • Stewie sucks on Peter’s nipple in “I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar”.
    • Peter, without pants, passes out on the laps of Meg and her friends in “Jungle Love”.
    • Jeff Campbell, naked, squirts a super-soaker covering his penis in “From Method to Madness”.
    • Peter makes orange juice using his nipple in “The Story on Page One”.
Flame mov
  • In the uncensored version, a parody of MTV's Jackass is shown, where Cleveland and Peter are at a bridge over a highway doing an episode called “I Dare You to Crap Off of That.” Peter craps off the bridge and his feces lands on the windshield of Lois’s car causing it to crash. The scene then cuts to Peter telling Lois that she shouldn’t be mad since she was the one who drove into oncoming crap. Lois doesn’t buy the excuse and points out that Stewie is so traumatized from the experience that he’ll never ride in the car again.
  • After the Douchebags incident, Lois said that Stewie would never ride in the car again. However, later, Stewie is seen in the car riding to Washington.
  • The FCC song in this episode was voted #2 on the Museum of Television and Radio special "TV's Funniest Moments" which aired on FOX on June 1, 2007.[2]
  • Due to complaints about the material in the episode, the FCC requested a copy of the episode for review. According to Seth MacFarlane in the DVD commentary, the FCC responded that the episode passed and they were amused by it.
  • Dan Povenmire was nominated for an Annie Award for "PTV", he lost to another Family Guy director, Peter Shin for "North by North Quahog" [3]
  • According to the DVD commentary, the part where Quagmire passes out after overhearing Peter saying, “I like eating red carpet!” originally had Quagmire holding a running hose instead of a newspaper but the FOX Standards found it too obscene because the running hose would have looked too much like a penis ejaculating when Quagmire passed out.
  • Also, in the cutaway where Peter gets raped on his 16th birthday, it originally had Jake Ryan undoing the belt to his pants but FOX objected.
  • Also in the DVD commentary, the Douchebags segment was supposed to air on TV, but only if edits were made to the sequence, i.e., Peter isn’t supposed to be shown pulling down his pants, the wet, plopping sound of Peter’s feces hitting the windshield can’t be heard. Instead of adhering to the censor’s notes, the scene was taken out altogether and further edits were made to cover it up.