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Parents Are Gross
From the episode: In Harmony's Way
Singers: Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Parents Are Gross" is sung by Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire in "In Harmony's Way" on Conan O'Brien's show until Peter's antics cause Quagmire to storm offstage.


Together: You never should look at your mother's boobies
No matter how big and round they are
You'll end up seeing something you don't wanna
It's guaranteed to leave a mental scar
You never should look at your daddy's penis
When he's walkin' down the hall on Sunday morn
An acorn in a nest of twigs
And underneath two fetal pigs
Uncensored version: An acorn in a bed of hair
Is all you're gonna see down there
It'll make you wish you weren't even born
Parents are gross, parents are gross...
[Peter drops his pick into the sound hole]
Quagmire: Parents are gross, parents are gross...

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