• This episode was not planned to air on FOX in the US. It received its world premiere in the UK on BBC Three on June 20th, 2010 and was released on DVD in the US on September 28th, 2010. Although its air date places it at the end of Season 8, the episode's broadcast in the UK happened between "Go, Stewie, Go!" and "Peter-assment". Footage from the episode finally aired in the US with the airing of the "200 Episodes Later" special in 2012.
  • This episode was the last new episode to air in 4:3 standard definition. The last one in production order is "Brian & Stewie".
  • Meg mentions when she dated Count von Count from Sesame Street. He counts three nipples on Meg's breasts, gets freaked out and leaves her.
  • This is another episode where Peter suddenly change his viewpoints solely because of watching or hearing another viewpoint. Other episodes include "Stew-Roids" regarding steroid use, in "Prick Up Your Ears" when it came to abstinence, "Padre de Familia" in regards to immigration, and twice in "Family Goy" in regards to religion.
  • Peter breaks the Fourth wall when Lois questions whether or not he would really blow up the abortion clinic. He notes she knows he would do it because she's "seen Family Guy".
  • Among Peter's porn scenarios includes: being a pizza delivery boy, a college teacher and a Nazi soldier.
  • Salve Regina College changed its name to Salve Regina University in 1991 after revising its charter.

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