• Peter is transferred to the worst football team in Europe, the London Sillinannies. From 1991-1998 the World League of American Football had a team called the London Monarchs which later become the England Monarchs until the team was moved to Berlin.
  • The song Peter sings while showboating after a touchdown, “Shipoopi,” is from the 1957 Broadway play The Music Man.
  • The Silly Nannies dance around a maypole and sing Gilbert and Sullivan’s “'Tis Twelve, I Think” from The Sorcerer.
  • While in England Lois watches a program called Condensation on the digital channel BBC Four. The show depicted is a parody of the channel’s intellectual, esoteric content. Family Guy is actually shown on analog channel BBC Two and digital channel BBC Three.
  • In the wall of stadium one sign says “John 3:16” This is the second time in the series that sign is seen. The first is in “Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington”, in which Chris’s sign is of the same Bible section. According to that episode, it reads "and God says: “Go Sox”".
  • The part where Brian gets a free revenge shot on Stewie was used in the How I Met Your Mother episode “Slap Bet” which aired two months prior to this episode.
  • The part where Stewie beats up Brian in the bathroom will later be referenced in “Airport '07” when Brian goes to warn Stewie not to drink from Peter’s spit cup, only to recall how badly Stewie assaulted him in the bathroom. Brian then says, “Ah, never mind,” leaving Stewie to spit and scream in disgust.
  • The first football team the Patriots play against is the Washington Redskins; the second is the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Quagmire’s mention that he was looking for Lois’s toenails in the garbage is a callback to the scene in “Emission Impossible” where Quagmire puts the hair from Lois’s hairbrush on a sex doll with Lois’s face on it and says, “A couple of teeth and some toenail clippings and we’ll be ready for our date.”
  • When The Griffins Move into their English flat, outside is a car which resembles Mr. Bean's car on the left.
  • This episode reveals that Diane Simmons once had a husband, before he committed suicide, as commented once by Tom on the air, causing her to break down crying.
  • During the Redskins game which is played in Washington, the Pats are also wearing their home jerseys.
  • During the dancing portion of Peter’s touchdown celebration, a player wearing number 12 can be seen breakdancing despite that the actual number 12, Tom Brady, is against the celebration.
  • The play that they go and see is held in the 'West End Theater' using the American spelling of 'Theater'. It should be the British spelling of 'Theatre'.
  • When the episode is censored, when Lois gives the finger at a camera, it was blurred out. When the episode was shown without being censored, the blur effect isn’t used to cover up the obscene gesture.
  • Stewie's pummeling of Brian is the basis for a series of videos following Family Guy's best comedy nomination in 2009, called "Where's My Emmy?".
  • Lois mentions Peter frivolously spending money on a wax sculpture depicting Gwyneth Paltrow having sex with Harriet Tubman. On the DVD commentary, it was revealed that originally the creators wanted R2-D2 having sex with Gwyneth Paltrow, but LucasFilm turned them down.

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