Parker Fennelly

Milano Cookies are a trademarked dessert manufactured by Pepperidge Farm as part of their series of "European" cookies. Each cookie consists of a thin layer of rich chocolate sandwiched between two biscuit cookies.

The Milano was created as a result of Pepperidge Farm's original cookie concept, the Naples, which was a single vanilla wafer cookie with dark chocolate filling topping it. The problem this posed was that Naples cookies would end up stuck together when shipped to and sold in warmer climates. The company resolved the problem by sandwiching Naples cookies together, creating the new Milano variety.

The original variety used a filling of dark chocolate. Many additional varieties have since been marketed, such as milk chocolate and double chocolate; other flavors include a layer of mint or sweet orange paste in addition to some form of chocolate.

In "Hell Comes to Quahog", the Griffins watch a television commercial for Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies starring Parker Fennelly in which he notes that Pepperidge Farm remembers a stranger you hit with your car and makes a subtle threat unless you purchase the cookies to reveal your secret.