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  • During “game night”, the neighbors play Twister, Trivial Pursuit, “paintball” with real guns and Two Decades of Dignity, a fictitious civil rights board game that resembles Monopoly. Cleveland mentions you don’t win at the game, you just “do a little better each time.”
    • Peter mentions that he goes directly to jail for whistling at a white woman, a nod to the alleged circumstances that led to the murder of Emmett Till.[1]
  • Chris says that his dad is smarter than Meg's dad. In "Screwed the Pooch", Brian says that Meg's real father is someone by the name of Stan Thompson.
  • After Peter shoots Quagmire, he says “Relax, Quagmire, you’re doing better than Peter Weller in the opening scene of RoboCop.” Weller is then seen being shot by Joe, Cleveland and Mort.
  • Peter watched a National Geographic special on fire trucks. He is later attacked by a fire truck outside his house at episode’s end.
  • Brian suggests Peter take the IQ test to qualify for a MacArthur genius grant. Imagining what he would do with the money from the MacArthur grant, Peter pictures himself “buying” television actress Cloris Leachman and forcing her to juggle beanbags. Cloris Leachman voices herself in this episode.
  • Instead of a calculator at his MacArthur grant test, Peter has a See ’n’ Say, an educational toy for young children.
  • Stewie compares the way Meg clears her sinuses to that of The Odd Couple character Felix Unger.
  • A cutaway parodies the 1985 film Mask about disfigured California teenager Rocky Dennis.
  • A cutaway imitates iPod commercials, with Stewie dancing in silhouette. The song in the background is the 1984 hit “The Warrior” by Scandal. One of the last lines in the song not featured in the cutaway is "Victory is mine."
  • Stewie watches the CBS Evening News. The show mocks anchor Dan Rather’s whistling intonation, likening him to a tea kettle.
  • Jake and the Fatman shows Jason “Fatman” McCabe as too sleepy and distracted by food to solve crimes.
  • When Peter declares it is the worst day of his life Lois reassures him by telling him others have had worse. A Hiroshima man gets a parking ticket, gets splashed with mud by a car, and a mandrill falls from the sky on him, all on August 6, 1945.