• Peter claims to be 58 years old in a cutaway of remodeling the house like a pueblo.
  • Despite a court case engaged between his children, evidence was proven that Ted Williams indicated a desire to be frozen. Williams' head was frozen separately from his body.[1]
  • The song at the ex-wives' party is "Got Your Money" by Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis.
  • Show composer Walter Murphy provides music intended to evoke John Fogerty's "Centerfield".
  • Wade Boggs is jokingly portrayed to be much smaller than David Ortiz. In real life, Ortiz is only one inch taller than him.[2][3]
  • When Peter blackmails Joe in "Cop and a Half-Wit", he demands a "murdered jogger's Diskman." Here, Joe brings him one from a dead jogger.
  • Stewie writes erotic fiction featuring Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego.

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