• Quagmire mentions the story of how Quahog was founded as told in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame". However, the story was retconned in this episode, explaining that it was only a myth.
  • During the course of the episode the characters break the fourth wall on a number of occasions when they are seemingly interrupted by on-screen promotions for fake shows.
  • The stars of Cross-Armed Opposites are Danny Smith and John Viener, two Family Guy producers.
  • King Stewart's crown resembles testicles and the cross on top as a penis; but is in fact, based on a real design.[1]
  • Joe is said to have been an octopus in one of his past lives, and the octopus had its tentacles bitten off by a shark. Fortunately for the Octopus-Joe, the severed tentacles of an octopus can grow back.
  • This is the first time that Quahog is pronounced 'qway-hog' as it is almost always pronounced 'kow-hog'.
  • When Griffin Peterson starts talking about what countries and cultures will get rights in America, He seems to have forgotten to mention Wales as he mentioned the other UK countries of Scotland and England as well as Ireland.
  • King Stewart III's reign takes place in the era of that as the real House of Stuart. In addition, the clothing style and trapping are similar, as well as the black wig.

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