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Peter's Vehicles are a running gag involving Peter Griffin using a comedic mode of transportation to get a task done often to disastrously hilarious results. They often have the word "Peter" in them, and often says "To the [mode of transportation here]".

The PetercopterEdit

In "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire", Peter goes to Quagmire's house to warn him about Cleveland and uses the "Petercopter." It ends up crashing in Joe Swanson's yard. It's also mentioned in "Dog Gone".

The HindenpeterEdit

In the same episode, Peter used a blimp called the "Hindenpeter", which crashes in Joe's yard following the previous wreck of the Petercopter.

The PeterdactylEdit

In "Quagmire and Meg", Peter attempts to ride a pterodactyl in his likeness but he accidentally crashes it into live wires and it is electrocuted, so Peter has to take care of its babies.

The PeterangEdit

Peter tries to use the Peterang to rush Scotty to the hospital in "Livin' on a Prayer". When the giant, piloted boomarang is launched from a catapult, he manages to briefly go to the hospital before being returned to the house.

The MegcopterEdit

Peter becomes friends with Meg in "Meg Stinks!" and supplies her with her own "Megcopter" so they may hang out together. As they fly away, Peter observes Retep killing a lady.

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