• Peter adopts the name Kichwa Tembo when embracing his African heritage. In Swahili, “Kichwa” means head and “Tembo” means elephant. Peter has literally renamed himself Head Elephant. Swahili is mainly spoken in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. However, Africans brought to the U.S. as slaves were almost all West Africans, and would certainly not have spoken Swahili. In any case, it is not expected that Peter would know this, and was just being ignorant.
  • In a cutaway, Peter and Chris are playing Operation on a homeless person instead of the game board.
  • A rap version of the theme song performed by Peter is heard over the end credits.
  • Nate Griffin will appear once more in “Untitled Griffin Family History”.
  • It seems apparent that Nate Griffin is not an ancestor of Peter's, given the fact that as it was confirmed that Peter is descended from the McFinnigan family, not the Griffin family, due to his true father Mickey McFinnigan although it is not impossible for the McFinnigans to have branched off from the Griffins at some point in history meaning Peter could be both a Griffin and a McFinnigan.
  • A cutaway shows Stewie, drunk on Mai Tais encouraging O.J. Simpson not to tolerate ex-wife Nicole Brown being with other men. It shows that Stewie knows O.J. Simpson but in the later "lost" episode "The Juice Is Loose", Stewie doesn't know who O.J. is.
  • Stewie makes a note to himself to try to understand the cheerleaders’ fixation with the “homosexuals” in the boy band ’N Sync.
  • Cleveland receives reparations from the family who enslaved his ancestors but, because the family has become poor white trash, they could only give him a tray of Rice Krispie treats.
  • The scene showing Ireland before the “discovery” of alcohol features technology similar to the cartoon series The Jetsons.
  • Peter watches a comedian who makes jokes about Jheri curl, an oily, glossy hairstyle worn by African Americans in the 1980s.
  • After Peter’s speech, he is cheered on by the junkyard gang from the cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, although the title character is not among them.
  • Peter already knew he had a black relative. Rufus Griffin was shown in "If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'".
  • Before the theme song, Peter is seen watching TV with the old tan carpet. Also, there is a green circle in the rug when it is usually blue.
  • According to DVD commentary, the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parody in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story was originally going to be placed in this episode, in the part where Stewie and the cheerleaders are in the cafeteria.

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