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  • After Lois goes to the other realm after Peter ties a rope around her, the rope doesn't appear around her when she comes out of Meg's butt.
  • When Lois and Stewie come out of Meg's ass, they're covered in slime. When the ghosts come out of her ass and everyone, except Meg, runs to the door Lois and Stewie are still covered in slime. When they go outside the slime is gone.
  • When Stewie talks to the T.V for the first time, the T.V is almost on the floor. When Peter & Lois hear Stewie in the T.V, it is now on a large dresser.
  • After the Griffin family loses their house to the poltergeists; they appeal to Quagmire. When at the Quagmire residence the Griffin residence can be seen in the background, despite their house being sucked into the void.

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