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  • Carrot Top, who was parodied as Carrot Scalp in "The Son Also Draws", appears in this episode.
  • In one scene, Chris says “I wish that clown at the end of my bed would go away!” Then it shows Ronald McDonald making the trademark Golden Arches with his hands.
  • Peter apparently built a balcony for Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show to criticize various television shows, notably the television series Lost. They said that they couldn’t follow the show, making the title appropriate. Peter responds with “They don’t care for most things.” In the Muppet Show and the short-lived Muppets Tonight, they would criticize various acts by making jokes.
  • While Peter is watching JAG, Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie stops her speech to Captain Harmon Rabb by asking him if anyone watches the show. Harm says that only old people watch it because the noise keeps them company. JAG was cancelled in 2005 due to poor ratings and the decreased number of young viewers.
  • The film that’s being viewed at Joe’s is Rocky VI. Rocky decides to challenge a Martian to a boxing match on Mars, parodying the Rocky series and its numerous sequels. The sixth Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa was released in 2006; it did not contain any Martians at all.
  • The Guide to the Occult that the Griffins consult is written by Beverly Cleary.
  • When Peter mentions that he “hasn’t been this excited since I learned how to speak braille” a flashback sequence is shown in which Peter is speaking to a blind man on a bench and says the following “Hey, bump, bump, no bump, bump, three vertical bumps, four bumps in a square.” Translated from braille this appears to be the letters “flg.”
  • Before Stewie is sucked into the portal, he says, "I haven't seen anything suck this much since... I ♥ Huckabees!.
  • The uncensored versions contain the following extra scenes:
    • When Chris is cowering in bed over the upcoming storm, Peter calms him down by telling him that the storm will pass if they can name off the worst things that can happen to a child i.e., swallowing a razor blade, getting shot in the face, having a mosquito bite on top of a scab.
    • Peter comments that the revelation of the spirit world exit being in Meg’s butt is weirder than having Bob Costas bathe with him, followed by a cutaway of Bob Costas getting in the tub with Peter and doing color commentary on the bath he’s taking.
    • After the Griffin house vanishes into thin air, Herbert and the tree monster who battled each other as they plunged to their presumed death in a previous sequence climb out of the hole where the house once stood. Herbert and the tree monster make up for fighting and Herbert invites the monster to his house for tea and cookies, then asks the tree monster if he’s a “giving tree” or a “receiving tree," According to DVD commentary, this was cut because Standards and Practices objected to it being a homosexual intercourse joke.
    • An extended version of the scene where Brian finds out that Peter wasn’t wearing the Indian skull as an athletic cup with Chris adding that his old Scoutmaster greeted him that way where Peter says that Brian grabbing his crotch was more awkward than having a threesome where the girl doesn’t show up, followed by a cutaway of Peter and an unnamed man waiting in bed for the girl.