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Piano Riff, "Woo"
Riff woo
From the episode: Three Kings
Singers: Little Richard
Voices: John Viener, Seth MacFarlane

"Piano Riff, "Woo"" is the name of a fictional song by Little Richard. It is heard while Petey LaChance, Quag Chambers, Joey Duchamp, and Cleve Brown are on their way to see the dead body Brown finds in the Stand by Me segment of "Three Kings". It is a reference to the staples in Little Richard's songs.


Announcer: Hey! How 'bout this brand-new thing called "rock and roll"?

Even though it was just invented, we already remember it fondly.

Here's Little Richard with "Piano Riff, "Woo""

Little Richard: Woo!




Woo! Woo!


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