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  • The song played during the time where text messages are supposed to be entered in is the same as in the short “No Bones About It” in “Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1” where the Griffin family is in the mall.
  • Jillian is Brian’s first girlfriend to appear in more than one episode.
  • Peter mentions kids being more lost than Liam Neeson would be playing an American cowboy which, for Neeson, would be casting against type.
  • At the end of one segment, a live-action shot from Knight Rider is imposed behind Lois.
  • Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism is mentioned; Gibson is seen apologizing in a humorously unapologetic manner for remarks he made during his DUI incident.
  • The toys that Stewie uses to guard against the tooth fairy are SpongeBob SquarePants, Starscream, and Man-E-Faces. Stewie already knew of the Tooth Fairy in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story but this was evidenced only after Stewie has had the accident, and the accident is stopped from happening.
  • In a cutaway, Britney Spears is shown eating obsessively, with her dietitian speaking too softly for her to notice.
  • In another cutaway, Pablo Picasso unveils a new painting, which, once rearranged, resembled Dianne Wiest.
  • In a scene, Peter is watching an episode of Laguna Beach.
  • Stewie has a picture of actor Chris Noth in his wallet.
  • Brian says that the Tooth Fairy is “all smoke and mirrors, just like Harry Houdini.”
  • After Peter and Lois have sex, he asks where she got a tattoo. Lois replies with "I don't know, meth is a hell of a drug."
  • During Jerry Kirkwood's seminar at James Woods High about safe sex, he asks the student if they liked MADtv. Alex Borstein who voices Lois, was a cast member on the show.
  • The following scenes/lines were cut/altered for content in the regular broadcast version, but left intact in the uncensored versions:
    • The cutaway joke about the Asian woman causing a car crash because she didn’t use her turn signal is cut.
    • The line after Brian complains that the jelly in his sandwich tastes funny originally had Peter say, “Yeah, it was on my penis.” The censored version has “penis” changed to “crotch.”
    • When Lois comes into the bedroom dressed as Grimace, Peter says that Grimace is Ronald McDonald’s “autistic” friend; the uncensored versions use the original word “retarded.”
    • The part where Peter has ear sex with Lois has two different scenes. The uncensored version has Lois turn the bedroom light back on only to find Peter’s crotch near her head, then knocking him to the bedroom floor. In the broadcast version of that scene, the viewer only hears Lois complaining about Peter putting his penis in her ear before the lights go up and Peter ends up on the floor.
  • The scene with Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons on the news is extended on the Volume 5 DVD set with a mention of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Diane tells Tom that CSI is on Thursdays and Tom admits that he's never seen the show.

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