• Although the title is listed as "Meg and Quagmire" in the FOX press releases[1], the title when originally registered was listed as "Quagmire and Meg", which continued as an alternate title in various sources. Steve Callaghan in the DVD commentary emphatically points out that "Quagmire and Meg" is the correct title.
  • This is the second time Meg's Birthday has featured in an episode of Family Guy, the first being her 17th in "Peter's Two Dads".
  • Meg has gone from being 15 or 16 when the show first started and now celebrates her 18th birthday while Stewie continues to be age one.
  • This marks one of the rare times where Stewie calls his father "Dad" instead of "Fat Man" or "Peter".
  • Former producer David Goodman appears as one of the participants in Mort Goldman's "Jewish Fight Club".
  • Joan Van Ark's "after" picture that Peter shows Meg was the result of a chemical peel moments before a red carpet event in Los Angeles in 2007. [2]
  • The class ring that the doctor found inside of Lois in her flashback was for SUNY or the "State University of New York" instead of an Ivy League school as Carter had hoped. [3]
  • Meg plays FarmVille on Facebook, and she also loves stars.
  • Meg has previously had a crush on Brian in "Barely Legal" and Joe in "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair".

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