The Quahog Funeral Home is the site of Horace's funeral in "Save the Clam".

During the funeral, Meg has to go to the bathroom and stumbles into an embalming session. Her lack of squeamishness impresses the director and he offer her a job. Chris shows up and plays with the deceased bodies to Meg's annoyance. When she goes to dress a body, she finds it is missing and accuses Chris of pulling a stunt. Chris admits that he used it to get into “R” rated movies and took it swimming until it fell apart and she insists that they have a body to show. During the funeral, Chris poses as the body despite having itchy balls which Meg scratches for him. As they progress, they find that the deceased' face was donated for a transplant.

Thelma Griffin's service is held at the Quahog Funeral Home in "Mom's the Word", during which Peter delivers her eulogy.

The home also hosts Hammer's funeral in "HTTPete" after he is killed by a bus while texting on a hoverboard. Peter considers it to be in poor taste that Keyboard Cat was hired to play at the ceremony.