Mini mart

The Quahog Mini-Mart is the local gas station and convenience store managed by Carl and, as of "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)" Chris Griffin's current place of employment.

At various times, Kevin Swanson, in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", and Meg Griffin, in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)", were employees.

Peter sends Lois and the family through here as part of the "scavenger hunt" on their anniversary in "Death Lives".

Chris observes a robbery at the Mini-Mart in "To Love and Die in Dixie".

Brian sometimes buys his cigarettes here, such as in "Mother Tucker".

In "Deep Throats", Brian and Stewie bought doughnuts from here to eat while investigating Mayor Adam West.

During the afterparty in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, Lois explains about having a series of bad encounters after Family Guy was canceled including attacking a clerk at the Mini-Mart.

Carl is very afraid of being sued, such as in "Baby Not On Board" when Peter threatened to do so, so he would give away an unlimited gas card to the potential plaintiff. In "Road to the North Pole", Carl expressed his wish for a Blu-ray copy of The Wiz here during the song "All I Really Want For Christmas"

Brian plants a fake lottery ticket at the store with Queen's News of the World album art in order to scare Stewie in "Killer Queen".

Meg comes looking for a runaway Chris at the Mini-Mart in "Chris Cross", as a half-naked Mayor Adam West flashes the place and makes his escape in a getaway car driven by Seamus.

Peter and Brian stop in at the Mini-Mart in "Turkey Guys" while searching for a replacement bird after eating it while drunk the night before Thanksgiving.

While searching for Cleveland in "Dr. C & The Women", the guys hang out at the Mini-Mart hoping he'll stop by to buy candy. Instead, Peter gets talked into buying beer and weed for kids.

A different clerk works at the Mini-Mart in "American Gigg-olo" when Peter stops to buy gum and condoms for Quagmire, who is working as a gigolo while out of work. Peter gets them confused, giving Quagmire the gum while blowing a bubble with a condom.

Peter and Joe stop a robbery at the Mini-Mart in "Cop and a Half-Wit".

When Peter is forced to eat healthy food by Lois in "Saturated Fat Guy", he leaves the house late one night to gather junk food at the Mart.

Peter and the guys visit the Mini-Mart hoping to find a replacement copy of Rocky IV in "Petey IV". They are directed to a bin of old moves and find a Russian bootleg copy of the film.