The Quahog Motel is where Peter arranges an illicit date with a phone sex operator in "Call Girl", unaware that it is really Lois. Lois shows up angry that Peter would cheat on her. Peter confesses that he was faking about his fictional past and starts having regrets. He opens up and tells her she is beautiful and almost makes Lois happy although he goes ahead and has sex with her. Eight hours later Peter finds the truth and Lois is furious, but Peter admits that he somehow felt they were true soulmates and really did love her. They both admit their lovemaking was fantastic, although Peter also tells her that he ran up a phone bill of $7000 while calling the phone sex line.

A different Quahog Motel appears in "Baby Got Black" when Chris and Jerome's daughter Pam run away together after being forbidden to date, they take refuge at the motel. When they try to decide what to do next, Pam proposes they take off their clothes in get in bed together. While Pam slips off to the bathroom to disrobe, Chris strips and finds Randy Quaid in one of the beds who asks him to sleep in the other bed and starts to discuss his films before being cut off by Chris. When the kids are discovered by Jerome and Peter, Peter's admonishment of Chris causes Jerome to re-evaluate his feeling of Pam and Chris dating and he relents. As Randy Quaid stirs, Peter proposes to Jerome that they kill him.