Quahog Playhouse

The Quahog Playhouse is a performing arts venue in Quahog, Rhode Island.

Peter's improv group, Room for Improv-ment have their first performance at the Quahog Playhouse in Spies Reminiscent of Us, and it all doesn't go to Quagmire's plan when Peter takes over the sketch with his own comedy stylings and Joe defecates. Death and the Goldmans are in the audience.

In "Brian's Play", Brian's new work A Passing Fancy makes its debut at the playhouse.

Quagmire revives an old ventriloquist act in "The Unkindest Cut" to distract himself after losing his penis to a shark. However, during his show it becomes apparent that he intends to use his dummy Edgar to goad himself into taking his own life. The guys stop him, although they all have their own dark thoughts as they hold Quagmire's gun.