Quahog Preschool is Stewie's preschool.

Stewie moves from the green room to the purple room in "This Little Piggy".

When the teacher, Miss Tammy, reminds Lois that she didn't volunteer to be an aide for a week in "Fighting Irish", she is happy to oblige, although Stewie isn't happy to have her around his class. he becomes even less thrilled when one of his classmates, Landon, starts to draw attention from her. Stewie decides to get close to Landon's mom in return, but falls down while pursing her, which results in receiving kisses from her on his injury. Despite aching his goal, Stewie throws in the towel with Lois, but she reminds him that he'll be her favorite little boy and her volunteer week is over.

When Stewie has trouble concentrating in class in "Pilling Them Softly", Miss Tammy suggests that Lois seek professional help for him.

Stewie has a dream about being in preschool in "A Lot Going On Upstairs".

The family finds out about a measles epidemic when they take Stewie to daycare in "Hot Shots".

Stewie finds he gets special treatment at school after developing scoliosis in "The Dating Game".