Quahog Storage is where Sonja, a sexually insatiable woman Quagmire meets, keeps a "sex dungeon" and hides Quagmire after kidnapping him in "Quagmire's Quagmire".

When her antics become too much, Quagmire tries to get a message to the guys while out at The Drunken Clam but Peter is oblivious. Sonja shows up outside of the Clam and kidnaps him, stuffing him into the trunk of his car and locks him in the center. When Quagmire isn't seen for several days, his father, Ida Davis comes looking for him at Peter's and Joe mentions that they missed apple picking together. The guys search for Quagmire by going to all his usual haunts. Wandering into a seedy area, they find Sonja has a reputation and are directed to lot 92 at the storage center. Finding Quagmire, they are corned by Sonja who takes Joe's gun. He calls her bluff and closes in. She pulls the trigger without result and Joe tackles her, admitting he keeps his gun unloaded following an incident the previous April.