Rain man

Rain Man is a 1988 Oscar-winning drama starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The film tells the story of an abrasive and selfish yuppie named Charlie Babbitt (Cruise), who learns that the multimillion-dollar estate of his late father has been bequeathed to his older brother, Raymond (Hoffman), an autistic man whose existence Charlie had been unaware. The film begins as Charlie's attempt to gain what he believes is his fair share of the estate, but evolves into his attempt to bond with Raymond.

In "The Kiss Seen Around the World", Tom Tucker conducts an "interview" with Hoffman, which consists of clips from this film, The Graduate, and Hook.

In "Petarded", Peter Griffin, learns that he is mentally retarded. For emotional support, he is assigned an assistant named Verne. Portrayed by Michael D. Roberts in the movie, Verne was an aide at the institution where Raymond lived. The interactions between Peter and Verne, such as giving each other "high fives" and Peter calling Verne his "main man," are directly taken from the film.

When Stewie finds Stu in the trolley in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story / "Bango Was His Name Oh", Stu says "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, this is not good, this is very bad, very bad!" This is a reference to Raymond's emotional outburst about the hot water in the tub.