Montclair "Rallo" Tubbs is a main character on the animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, the spin-off of Family Guy. He's the biological son of Donna Tubbs-Brown and her ex-husband, Robert Tubbs. He has one biological sister, Roberta. As a result of his mother marrying Cleveland Brown, Rallo has gained Cleveland Brown, Jr. as a step-brother.

He appears briefly in "The Splendid Source". While eating dinner with his stepfather's visiting friends, he responds to Peter Griffin's remark about a black Jesus colored on the wall with a fat joke.

In It's A Trap!, Rallo Tubbs is cast in the role of Nien Nunb.

While in Italy in "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee", Peter attempts to use the guide on the television remote, turning Stewie into a host of past and present Animation Domination characters including Rallo.

Rallo moves to Quahog with the rest of the family in "He's Bla-ack!". He also joins in Thanksgiving dinner with the neighbors at the Griffin home in "Turkey Guys" and in "Peter's Sister", as well as Peter's backyard picnic in "Hot Pocket-Dial", is in the courtroom in "A Shot in the Dark" and attends the premier of Stewie's peanut butter commercial in "The Peanut Butter Kid".

He is voiced by Mike Henry.

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