Randall Fargus

Randall Fargus is a math and science teacher at Buddy Cianci Junior High School, having taught Peter Griffin when he attended the school.

His unorthodox methods, such as dissecting a clown filled with candy, were deemed too eccentric and he was prescribed pills help him calm down. Years later, in "Running Mates" Peter met up with his old teacher and convinced him to stop taking the pills by reminding him of the time he taught Peter how to dance, just nights before the prom. Fargus quickly reverted to his old, crazy self. At the annual Egg Drop, he began tossing endangered bird eggs off the roof of the school, ultimately leading to his termination. This pushed Peter to run for school board president. Peter gets him his job back, but the hall monitor robot attacks Randall on his first day back.

Prior to his role in "Running Mates", Mr. Fargus has a crowd scene cameo at The Brine in "The King Is Dead".

Mr. Fargus is voiced by Dwight Schultz.