Randy Fulcher

Randy Fulcher was the bully that used to pick on Peter when he was younger.

As a teenager, Randy would always pull Peter's pants down in front of people; or sometimes up, such as when Peter was using the urinal and yell "Nerd!" and Peter would call out in exasperation "Randy!".

Now as an adult in "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou", he has multiple sclerosis. When Peter decides to get even by beating up Randy in return for making his life miserable as a child, when he came out of a store, Peter and Chris confront him, and Randy was shocked to see Peter for the first time in a long time. Peter tells Randy that he came to beat him up; first, he's gonna beat him, and then Chris is going to beat him, and says that it's gonna be an "old-fashioned father-son beat-off". Randy says that he has MS (multiple sclerosis), and before Peter can punch Randy, Chris tackles his dad and starts to beat him up. He tells Peter to stop bullying people, and Peter finally realizes that bullying others is wrong.

He is voiced by Chris Cox.