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Reginald Barrington is the owner of the Barrington Country Club, whose wealth and power impresses even Carter Pewterschmidt.

When Chris hits it off with his granddaughter Amanda Barrington in "No Country Club for Old Men", she invites the Griffins to the Country Club. Carter tries to use the opportunity to get closer to the Barringtons but is kicked out of the club. Later, Carter comes by the Griffin's house crying that he can't live without the country club. Lois extracts an apology from her father and gets Peter to put in a good word for him. Peter tries to get Mr. Barrington to change his mind but is rejected and quits when they can't both be members.

Using Brian's advice, Peter decides to make them bigger than the Barringtons so they can look down on them. They pass themselves off in fancy uniforms as royalty on business with Carter. Mr. Barrington is ready to give them another chance until Peter blows their cover, angering Carter. The abuse of Peter wins Carter a second chance in the club while Peter is thrown out.

Reginald Barrington is voiced by Hank Azaria.