Rehearsal Session (Broken Rubber)
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From the episode: In Harmony's Way
Singers: Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

Rehearsal Session (Broken Rubber) is a medley of songs sung by Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire in "In Harmony's Way" as they try to come up with song ideas.


Quagmire: Alyssa Milano, I knew you were gonna be hot when you were nine

Peter: How about this?

Every food tastes good with melted cheese

Quagmire: I like twins unless they're Siamese

Peter: There you go, now we're jazzing.

Quagmire: Don't store your condoms in your billfold

Those things don't work if they get dry and old

Peter: Broken rubber

Bro-ken rubb-er