Revolution in the Air
From the episode: "Trading Places"
Singers: The "Byrds"
Voices: Scott Grimes

"Revolution in the Air" is meant to parody the style of music performed by the group the Byrds in the film Easy Rider. The music is meant to give the impression of being deep but is really nonsensical. The song was cut for time from its original broadcast but is added to uncensored versions.

Scott Grimes sings as Chris and Meg ride through the countryside on Peter's dirt bike in "Trading Places".




There's revolution in the air

And also in the river

I'm not gonna cut my hair

The sky's up in the sky

And the rivers are the forests are the mountains are the sea

And I am you, but you are not me

And the visions of our minds are in the valleys which are valleys

And the oceans and a camel and my new socks and a book