Not to be confused with Road to Rhode Island (song)

Rhode Island
In Rhode Island
From the episode: Brian Sings and Swings
Singers: Frank Sinatra, Jr., Brian, Stewie
Voices: Frank Sinatra Jr., Seth MacFarlane

"Rhode Island" is a song performed by Frank Sinatra, Jr., Brian, and Stewie in "Brian Sings and Swings". The song takes most of its lines and tune from the song "I Love Vegas" by Dean Martin.[1]


Brian: I don't care if the sun don't shine

I do my drinking in the evening time when I'm

In Rhode Island

Stewie: Ha cha cha cha!!

Brian: Get outta here!

Frank Sinatra Jr: You can sit in the sun and camp

But I get my color from a sun-ray lamp

When I'm...

Stewie: In Rhode Island

Frank Sinatra Jr: Whoa, easy kid. These people paid good money to get in here.

Stewie: Oh yeah? How much do you charge them to get out?

[audience laughs]

Frank Sinatra Jr: We go together, there's no mistake

Stewie: Like a bowl of chowder, and a big clam cake

Brian, Stewie, and Frank Sinatra Jr: And we love Rhode Island