Richard Tiffany Gere (born August 31, 1949) is an American actor. He began acting in the 1970s, and came to prominence in 1980 for his role in the film American Gigolo, which established him as a leading man and a sex symbol. He went on to star in several hit films including An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Primal Fear, and Chicago, for which he won a Golden Globe Award as Best Actor, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award as part of the Best Cast.

In "Mother Tucker", Stewie Griffin plays a sound byte of Gere from An Officer and A Gentleman on Dingo and the Baby.

In "Hell Comes to Quahog", Gere participates in an easter egg hunt. This is a reference to a rumor about him going into an ER to get a gerbil removed from his rectum. Gere is voiced by Dave Boat in this appearance.

Peter replaces Julia Roberts opposite Gere in Pretty Woman in "Chick Cancer".