• In the scene when Stewie says farewell to Brian at the doors of Jolly Farm Revue, as he says "Well, this is it," two plain brown doors are visible. After a cut to Brian, Stewie starts to walk inside and suddenly there are two handles on the doors, right above Stewie's head.
  • When Stewie sets his fork on the table in the coffee shop, it disappears afterwards.
  • A scene at the KISS concert shows Peter Criss having blond hair and wearing a shirt with no sleeves. But in a scene afterwards, his hair changes to it's normal color, black, and he is wearing a shirt with sleeves.
  • At the scene where Brian and Stewie are on a tour bus in Germany, you can see that in one shot, the color of the tour guide's microphone is black. However, in another shot, the microphone is red.
  • After Peter warns Chris and Meg about the Candy Tree, in the next scene the girl the tree eats appears suddenly instead of walking from off screen.
  • When Stewie first spots a line of children whom he thinks they are going to London, the girl in the red jacket is carrying a bag and the boy in the brown suit is carrying nothing. However in the next shot, the girl is carrying a doll and the boy is carrying a suitcase.
  • When Stewie starts to follow the children thinking they are going to London, the buttons on his overalls change from grey to yellow.

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