• In the first scene in the living room, we see Meg seated on the floor by the couch watching the Awards show with the others. But a second later when Mort needs to use the restroom, Meg is seen on the upstairs toilet along with Quagmire who was also downstairs.
  • When Stewie and Brian see the tank coming toward them, Stewie is wearing his backpack, but in the next scene, Stewie is no longer wearing it.
  • There is a brick near the return pad when they try to use it for the first time, but in the scene before that, the brick is not there.
  • At Warsaw Temple, when Mort says, " bargain hunting Aunt Flo", production initials appear at the right bottom corner next to Brian's tail for about 3 frames.
  • In the first scene where Stewie and Brian going to the time machine upstairs, there was no return pad to the left of it. But when Stewie says "We can't just bring him back we need the return pad." He just goes to the left of the time machine and grabs the return pad when we couldn't see it there before.
  • When Mort goes into Stewie's room looking for a bathroom, the front of Stewie's door is decorated, but moments later when Brian goes upstairs to look for him and leaves the door open, the front of the door is plain.

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