• This is the first episode in the "Road to..." saga that doesn't have a musical number by Stewie and Brian. Just as Stewie and Brian are preparing to perform, they are very theatrically interrupted by Mort. This is also the first "Road to..." episode not to have a subplot involving Peter and Lois, and having another character to adventure along Stewie and Brian. In addition, this is the first "Road to..." episode not directed by Dan Povenmire.
  • This is the 4th of the Road to... episodes.
  • Terrance Trent D'Arby was a one hit wonder from the late eighties with his hit "Wishing Well" performed with the eleven sonar notes in the same fashion as the song.
  • In the German Army Headquarters, the Nazis are planning over a map of the United States.
  • When the Jewish wedding is going on in the episode, the song from the mini-series Winds of War called "Through Poland To A Jewish Village" is playing.
  • When Stewie and Brian knock out a group of Nazis and steal their uniforms, Stewie's uniform bears a McCain/Palin pin.
  • When he attempts to use the bathroom at the end of the episode, Mort fails to take notice of Stewie and Brian's Nazi uniforms.
  • Stewie and Brian arrive in Warsaw on September 1, 1939. They escape with Mort to London which shows damage from being attacked during the Battle of Britain in which London was first bombed on August 25th, 1940 and the London Blitz began on September 7th, meaning that their travel took approximately a full year or more.[1]
  • Stewie states that the return pad runs on uranium. But in "The Big Bang Theory", it runs on plutonium.
  • There are many historical inaccuracies in this episode such as:
    • Nazi forces reaching Warsaw on the first day of invasion, which did not actually happen until September 8.
    • The two German soldiers that shoot at Stewie and Brian in the alleyway use MP40 sub-machine guns, which were not available until 1940.
    • The spitfires used in the aerial battle were Mk.IX Spitfires, which were not developed until later in the war.
    • Brian explaining that England is the only safe place when at that time no other Allied countries had been invaded.
    • The SS are in black uniform. Grey was the uniform color of the German army at this time and black were at that time not used as front units.
    • When Stewie, Mort and Brian reach Berlin, the Brandenburger gate can be seen, but the Reichstag and the Siegessäule are missing, and the gate itself is shown from the wrong way.
  • The DVD features extended footage of Mort, Brian and Stewie escaping from Germany with Mort complaining the entire time.

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