• In the puppy mill flashback scene at the beginning of the episode, Brian notes that he has an “Excedrin headache”, referencing a series of commercials by the company.
  • On a train back to Quahog, Brian and Stewie sing “the title song", a parody of a song from the 1942 film Road to Morocco. The episode itself is a parody of/homage to the “Road to” movies. In the song, there is a mention of the film Thelma and Louise. The song mentions several places in Rhode Island, including the city of Newport and Brown University. It also mentions the banishment of the founders of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations from the Massachusetts Bay Colony due to religious persecution.
  • A scene of Brian in a bar dealing with a girl is inspired by the film Leaving Las Vegas.
  • During the scene where Brian and Stewie are standing next to his mother, Stewie spots a picture of Jesus and makes the comment "Look at Jesus standing over there by himself, you think those bulldogs would invite him to their card game," referring to one of the Dogs Playing Poker paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.
  • Peter says, “This is going to be worse than the time we had to sit through your uncle Jerry’s snuff film” referring to snuff films which are tapes that supposedly record real deaths.

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