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  • This is the 5th of the Road to... episodes.
  • The reason Brian and Stewie go to the first alternate universe is to see the genetic pig farm, though they never actually do.
  • When Brian and Stewie go to the Reverse Universe, Brian is a White Labrador.
  • Stewie's remote control is a toy tricorder from Star Trek: The Next Generation being held upside-down in the "Reverse Universe".
  • Though not in person, this is Cleveland Brown's last time as a regular cast member on Family Guy before moving to Stoolbend in The Cleveland Show.
  • Brian's human version is a Caucasian man with black hair in the shape of the top of Brian's head, a giant nose in the shape of Brian's muzzle, a white sweater and the same collar as dog Brian's. The promotional poster image of human Brian shows him with white hair.
  • In the first universe they visit, chapels seem to exist despite the lack of Christianity.
  • Stewie says he'll blow Brian's mind like the steropticon did in 1910, misnaming the stereoscope for the stereopticon, a common mistake.
  • In the Ice Age universe, Brian presses the button with his tail, however, in the next universe Stewie is holding it again. This universe was a last-minute substitution. The '1980s Bullies' universe was intended in this place originally.
  • Universes Traveled:
  • In the Japanese universe, the people of Quahog wear Edo-era clothing. Japanese Brian's collar contains the Kanji character of "dog".
  • In another of Stewie's homosexual moments, when they travel to a universe of half-naked men and Stewie says "Love it!" and Brian says "Hate it." Brian's dog habits are shown when when he and Stewie reverse it when they travel to a universe of fire hydrants.
    • In the universe where everyone has a happy head and a sad head, Happy Stewie is seen kissing Sad Stewie.
  • The song that plays while Sexy Meg walks down the street is Van Halen's "Drop Dead Legs".
  • In the Dog World, Lois is a cocker spaniel, Chris is a sheepdog, Meg is a bulldog, Stewie is a poodle, Joe is a Doberman pinscher and Tom Tucker is a mixed breed brown and yellow dog.
  • The subject of Walt Disney's antisemitism is brought up again. Walt used racial jokes in many of his cartoons much like Family Guy, and was very anti-union which he attributed to communism which most American businessmen attributed to Jews through the mid-20th century. However, Walt was not known personally for hatred towards any particular racial group.[1]
  • In the Two-Headed Universes, while most characters Happy Head was on the right and the Sad Head was on the left, Stewie's heads were the other way around.
  • In the scene where Brian and Stewie see Meg, in the censored version Stewie says "If you saw Lois you would have to put your penis in a wheel chair." but in the uncensored version he says "If you saw Lois, your penis would shoot right off your body."
  • This episode was selected as the "Best freakin' Family Guy Episode" on BBC Three in May 2012.[2]

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