Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee "Rocky" Dennis (December 4, 1961 - October 4, 1978) was an American boy afflicted with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare, disfiguring, sclerotic bone disorder. The condition usually results in neurological disorders and death during childhood. His body was donated to UCLA Medical Center after he died. His life was the basis for the 1985 feature film drama Mask.

Rocky Dennis was mentioned in "Petarded" when Peter tells Lois that she looks "worse than that Rocky Dennis kid from Mask".

Captain Picard compares Lt. Worf's ridges to Rocky Dennis in "Peter's Got Woods".

After replacing Peter with the guys in "Total Recall", Lois notes she hasn't seem so upset since he saw the Rocky Dennis movie.

After knocking Meg pretty in "A Fistful of Meg", Michael Pulaski is encouraged to take a punch at Rocky Dennis.

In "This Little Piggy", Rocky appears in his own film Rocky Dennis the Menace, taking the role of the menace who gets away with his pranks due to his deformity.