• In the flashback scene to 8th grade where Peter first notices girls beginning to develop, several girls in the auditorium's breasts immediately pop up, and then after that Peter's breasts immediately pop up. A similar scene in the comedy film Mafia! occurs where the lead character wishes upon a star with a female friend, and her breasts immediately appear.
  • Mr. Fargus is a take-off on Mr. Vargas from the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • Peter gives Chris some pornographic magazines which he can 'peek' at instead of girls in real life. The magazines are called 'Playpen' which is a reference to both Playboy and Penthouse magazines
  • Stewie stomps, shouting "Damn, damn, damn, damn!" shaking the scene in a manner similar to Herman Munster.
  • When trying to convince Meg that "winning without honor isn’t really winning at all," Lois tries to get the help of one half of the 1990s musical duo Milli Vanilli, who happens to be in the Griffins’ kitchen. This is a reference to the infamous scandal revealing that the duo did not actually sing on their album.
  • Channel 5’s Monday Night Debate parodies ABC’s Monday Night Football.
  • During the song, Stewie flips through a photo album of his attempts at killing Lois. The last photo is a parody of the shower scene in 1960 film Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  • Peter's opening statement at the debate consists of excerpts from the theme songs of Diff'rent Strokes, One Day at a Time, and The Facts of Life. He concludes with "Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog!" which is from the production credit for UBU Productions, Inc., the production company of executive producer Gary David Goldberg, who created Family Ties and Spin City, among others.
  • Peter claims that Lois "freed Willie Horton" and "nailed Donna Rice." These are references to two scandals in the 1988 presidential election. Willie Horton is a convicted murderer, sentenced in Massachusetts, who escaped prison during a furlough visit home and assaulted a man and raped his fiancé. He was the subject of attack ads aimed at Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis, who was governor of Massachusetts at the time. Donna Rice was a model who had an affair with Colorado Senator Gary Hart, a revelation that ended his bid for the Democratic nomination.
  • Peter calls Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa "Connie", mistaking her for television journalist Connie Chung.
  • Peter creates a new version of Schoolhouse Rock's "Conjunction Junction" for the sex ed class.
  • The "XL-K" hall pass enforcement robot is a take-off on the "ED-209" police robot from the film RoboCop.
  • In order to help Peter during the scandal, Quagmire hires Democratic political consultant James Carville, made famous during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. Peter can’t bear to look at his face, exclaiming "did somebody open the Ark of the Covenant?" a reference to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • The scene in which Peter leaves the high school is a take-off of President Richard Nixon’s departure from the White House after his 1974 resignation.

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