• The title is a reference to the musical comedy Damn Yankees.
  • Carter's cutaway song "Babs is Shopping" is a reference to the music video for "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai.[1]
  • Carter's mention of Josh Hartnett is in reference to his television series Cracker.
  • After inviting Patty out for Chinese food, Brian uses the words "in bed" and notes the saying has to do with fortune cookies, referring to a joke that the words can be added to the vast majority of fortune cookie sayings and still make sense.[2]
  • Carter mentions going lion hunting with a scumbag dentist, referring to Walter Palmer, who killed Cecil, a notable lion who was claimed to have been lured from a protected area.[3]
  • Peter tells a chimpanzee to take his memoir to "a French-Canadian flight attendant," a reference to Gaetan Dugas, a Canadian flight attendant and AIDS victim, was once thought to be the "patient zero" of HIV in the United States.[4][5]
    • The graph showing the spread of Peter's memoirs by the chimpanzee is reminiscent of the spread of the virus along flight paths which decimates humanity in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
  • While in Africa, Lois uses her smart phone to call Uber, a ride sharing service, which in the episode, arrives in the form of a black rhino, as signified by the "UberBLACK" symbol for their premium car service.[6] As they depart, an elephant wearing a pink mustache arrives, referring to the competing service Lyft.[7]
  • In Africa, Peter and Carter come across a sign that says "E. BOLA", which Peter deduces as meaning they're in "East Bola". This is a reference to the Ebola River in the Congo, and the highly lethal virus named after it.[8]

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