• In an attempt to find common ground with Carter, Peter stands in front of a newspaper stand for several days attempting to understand a cartoon in The New Yorker, the caption of which reads “I’d be more apathetic if I weren’t so lethargic”, meaning “I’d be more uncaring if I weren’t so lazy." After finally getting the joke, Peter snickers a little, then requests a copy of Juggs.
  • The New Yorker cartoon Peter stares at for days is signed “Hentemann,” after Family Guy writer and producer Mark Hentemann.
  • The guests of the poker game are Michael Eisner, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner, although Carter told the others not to invite Turner.
  • A sign outside Ed's Motel reads “As seen on America’s Most Wanted.”
  • Peter leaves the set of Survivor and trips into the set of The Price is Right. Interestingly, the numbers on the Showcase Showdown wheel are in the correct order.
  • During the trial, to prove that Brian is a competent father, Peter mentions things that he cannot remember about his children, but Brian does, such as Stewie’s favorite bedtime story (Goodnight Moon) or Meg’s real father (Stan Thompson). When the latter statement is mentioned, Meg is seen listening to music, unaware of the truth.
  • A cutaway shows Brian getting fat from eating too many chocolates. In actuality, chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs.
  • When Lois asks Carter if Peter can play in his poker game, he replies that he would rather be stuck in an elevator with Nathan Lane, Gilbert Gottfried, Carrot Top, and Sean Hayes.
  • After Brian is found, there is a picture of the Quahog News. The title of the newspaper states “RACE DOG FOUND.” There is also an article there with the title “Sleazy Prostitute Given Important Position at Local News Station,” with the picture of the black prostitute that came out of Tom Tucker’s motel room.
  • The poker game of Texas Hold 'Em is supposedly played during a scene in the episode, but the game actually shown is not Hold 'Em. It appears to be a form of five-card draw.
  • This is the second time of three Michael Eisner appeared in this season; the first was in "Brian Does Hollywood" and the third was in "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1".
  • It is revealed that Carter had an affair with a black woman which resulted in a child while he was still married to Barbara.
  • Brian rented for Peter two Pauly Shore films, Bio-Dome and Son in Law after Peter was banned from the video store for taping over their movies. Peter taped over a rented copy of Citizen Kane.
  • Linda Blair from The Exorcist is at Brian’s trial, and does her famous 360-degree head-turning and vomiting.
  • Peter rearranges a Pablo Picasso painting at the Quahog Art Museum so it actually looks like a face.
  • A clip from this episode can be seen on a TV in the 2008 sci-fi film Jumper.[1]

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