• Peter says he is like Roo when he is in the kangaroo’s pouch. He is referencing the joey from the Winnie-the-Pooh books.
  • When Brian turns on the TV by himself, he sees a show called World's Sluttiest Dogs, which airs on the Fox Network. This is a reference to Fox's tendency to air shows with moderate sexual undertones and sensationalistic reality shows usually starting with the phrase “World’s...” followed by a superlative, such as World's Wildest Police Videos.
  • After Joe tells Peter to find a common ground with Lois’ father, Peter acts upon the advice as if he were Ebenezer Scrooge; he shouts at Bob Cratchit, who’s copying letters in the corner, telling him he has to work through Christmas, like in A Christmas Carol. Cratchit asks, “But, sir, what of Tiny Tim?” Peter responds, “Bah, he and his ukulele shall go wanting”, a reference to Tim the musician, not Cratchit’s son.
  • Lois explains to Carter that Peter has “cultured himself like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.” In return, Carter burns Peter with a cigarette and Peter replies that it is fine, 'but no kissing on the lips', further referencing Pretty Woman.
  • Carter mentions that, at a party at the Newport Country Club, Peter approached the Premier of China and said, “Dong, where is my automobile?” The line is a reference to John Hughes’s film Sixteen Candles.
  • The way Peter falls down and destroys everything after attempting to go back in time is reminiscent of Chris Farley’s Matt Foley character destroying chairs and other furniture during his motivational speeches on Saturday Night Live.
  • The scene in which Peter, Carter, Bill Gates, Michael Eisner & Ted Turner smash the mailboxes and lie on the school field is a reference to the 1993 film Dazed and Confused.
  • Bill Gates’ signal for a helicopter to pick him up is the Microsoft Windows symbol, and is a parody of the iconic method of signaling for Batman. The Windows logo’s colors are upside-down, as the Windows logo is, from top row to bottom row: red-green, blue-yellow.
  • Brian and Seabreeze are photographed being discovered in a closet at the motel by a soldier, just like Elián González, a Cuban boy whose extended family tried to keep him from being returned to his father in Cuba.

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